Services & Pricing



Men Haircuts (Shears or clipper)

Female Haircuts

Haircut with blow dry/curling iron

Roller sets

Blow dry curling iron

Flat iron styling

Single processing hair coloring

Roots touch up

Color weaving (high lights/low lights)

Color weaving two shades

Partial color weaving

Chemical relaxers

Deep conditioning treatment

Permwaves or bodywaves

Facial waxing (complete face)

Facial waxing

Manicures & pedicures

 Permanent makeup (Wednesdays by

appointment only)

All services include hair washing (shampoo)

Services performed on long hair have an additional charge

Short hair is considered above the shoulders

Other services available upon request, please ask!

Prices may vary according to your hair needs, feel free to request a quote

All consultations are free

Prices may vary from stylist to stylist, so please always feel free to ask for a quote!

We take our time very seriously as well as our clients! All cancellations within the same business day are subject to a $30 cancellation fee upon the next appointment. If you need to reschedule please give us at least 48 hours to fit you in without a problem!


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